Monday, March 1, 2010


I am responsible for being happy.  The man has been reminding me of this.  He is remarkably supportive... supportive of me, of my family, of my sanity, my worth, my growth.  I am going through a period of evaluating the things that I'm doing and asking myself what I would like to continue.  What's working?  What's not?  What's fun?  What's hurting my soul?  There are things I do that now don't bring me as much joy as they used to.  

And so this weekend he said to me, "Work on being happy.  That's your only responsibility."

Happiness is not overrated.  Contentment is a blessing.  I know this because the relationship I have with the man is the example of how I'd like everything else in my life to be.  I can say I am happy, content.  Thankfully, he knows this about this area of my life.  I still do the dishes, the laundry, the grocery shopping, the organizing, and tidying up.  I still make lunches and morning breakfasts, still fill the cars with gas and still forget to wash the car.  There is a lot of simple, normal stuff that goes on.  It's not "easy" but it's not "hard" either.  There's a flow and it feels like a joyful prayer of thanks.

I think a lot of people wish for that flow.  I think many of us feel like we're swimming in mud sometimes in different parts of our lives.  We do things that do not bring us joy because we feel we have no choice, or have a feeling of obligation, or because doing something different is scary.  It is scary.  We do have obligations.  We also have choice.  

So this week, I'm choosing... I'm choosing to actively do things that make me happy.  I'm actually very excited.  This should be quite interesting.   


Madeline said...

Enjoy! You'll have to remind yourself of this one post-kiddo. I've found that when I'm overwhelmed it's usually because I've forgotten to mother myself and do the things I love.

Cottage Darling said...

I gotta print it up and frame it. And then I gotta read it.